Vhf marine frequencies pdf

Vhf marine transceiver tough, water resistant construction the icm87 is built tough to withstand hazardous and unhospitable environments at sea and on land. Vhf marine radio frequencies important note anyone who intends to listen to radio transmissions should be aware that licence is not required for a radio receiver as long as it is not capable of transmission as well. There are specifically designated channels for specific usage, as indicated in the chart below. Here are vhffm noncommercial channels recreational boaters may use in specific situations. This table is the frequency chart for the vhf marine radio service. However, although it is not illegal to sell, buy or own a scanning or other receiver in the uk, it.

The interference is very disruptive to normal operations on the river and is distracting to the radio operators. Vhf marine radio channel reference vhf marine radio channel reference complements of raynor maritime services. Marine vhf radio channels the chart below summarizes a portion of the fcc rules 47 cfr 80. Here are vhf fm noncommercial channels recreational boaters may use in specific situations. It uses fm channels in the very high frequency vhf radio band in the. Marine vhf radio is a worldwide system of two way radio transceivers on ships and watercraft used for bidirectional voice communication from shiptoship, shiptoshore for example with harbormasters, and in certain circumstances shiptoaircraft. Marine vhf radio channel frequencies us radar, tv and radio. Obtain local information about special channel uses and customs when traveling to unfamiliar areas. Note b the table below defines the channel numbering for maritime vhf. Its important that boaters use the correct channel when communicating on a vhf very high frequency marine band radio.

The chart below summarizes a portion of the fcc rules 47 cfr 80. Ccanadian iinternational ch u c i tx rx usage 01a x 156. Canadian, us and international vhf marine frequencies vhf marine frequency allocations uu. Vhf marine channel number authorized use 16 international distress. Vhf marine radio channel reference raynor maritime. Federal communications commission regulations require boaters having. A simplex channel is where the a and b frequencies are the same. While in the waters of the united kingdom, the use of any marine vhf radio must be under the control of an operator holding an appropriate license issued by the country in which the vessel is registered.

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