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Notes are scattered throughout each zone and contain information regarding story. The room is a survival horror video game, the fourth installment in the silent hill series, published by konami and developed by team silent, a production group within konami computer entertainment tokyo. Silent hill game help give or get help if youre stuck on a section of one of the games. Silent hill is a survival horror video game franchise created by team silent and published by konami and konami digital entertainment. Games other games, movies, and comics silent hill book of memories. Dog tag valtiels reward in zone 19, white feather can be bought in the shop, and channeling stone can be bought in the shop in the zones after 21. The encounter ending refers to the cutscene that takes place in the therapy room, where harry and cheryl finally meet. Joke ending before defeating the steel guardian, equip 3 artifacts with no actual effects. To equip an artifact, press the start button to access the book, then touch a slot on the character page and select an artifact to place there. As the game begins, james remarks that his wife, mary shepherdsunderland, has been dead for three years. Silent hill fan works for silent hill related art, music, videos, and more made by fans like you. Unlike its prequels however, this title is actually an isometric actionrpg much like diablo. Silent hill omnibus ciencin, scott, salman, aadi, stakal, nick, templesmith, ben, thomas, shaun on.

Is it it something that goes against the franchise, or not that. There are multiple endings and they all reflect the decisions you made and your playstyle. Which ending do you think is ca non in silent hill 2. Which ending do you think is canon in silent hill 2. The game is one of the most polarizing entries in the entire series, primarily due to the genre shift. Silent hill, appears in the film adaptation, and is reimagined in silent hill. The joke ending is illustrated in a comic book style format. Book of memories is a spinoff of the survival horror series silent.

My current efforts have not bore fruit so im going to the silent hill subreddit to ask. You complete the storyline and get your ending after the battle with the steel guardian in zone 21. Book of memories brings the silent hill series onto. Shattered memories preserves the main story concept from silent hill s first game. Mira is the shiba inu dog from the dog ending of silent hill 2, as well as the ufo ending of silent hill. Does anybody know who the artist is that did the comic for the joke ending. The main character finds a mysterious book waiting for them on their birthday, known as the book of memories.

Regardless, he has received a mysterious letter in marys handwriting, claiming that she is waiting for him in their special place, somewhere in silent hill. To say book of memories is different from the main silent hill games would be an understatement. This game doesnt work even with the version 2 whitelist hack on the playstation tv anybody able to get this working on the ps tv. She quickly befriends harry mason and attempts to help him find his missing daughter cheryl.

Communal forums dedicated to the silent hill series. First, you have to acquire 3 artifacts with no actual effects. Thinking alex ahad is artist for book of memories, but indecisive because no. It features the characters of book of memories traveling to silent hill on spring break, encountering characters from previous installments in the series. Radio sequential art tabletop games television theater videogame webcomics. Shattered memories, voiced by tomm hulett and silent hill.

In all but two of the series games, one of these endings is a joke ending in which the main protagonist comes in contact with unidentified flying objects. Book of memories is a silent hill roleplaying spinoff game. Silent hill book of memories neutral ending bro bro. The sixth ending is a joke ending in the tradition of the silent hill series. The joke ending is illustrated in a comic bookstyle format. Book of memories is a spinoff of the survival horror series silent hill, developed by wayforward technologies and published by konami for the playstation vita. A sequel to the 2006 film silent hill, it stars adelaide clemens, kit harington, martin donovan, malcolm mcdowell and carrieanne moss, along with sean bean, deborah kara unger and radha mitchell returning from the previous film. As a topdown, multiplayer silent hill, its an oddity among. Skullgirls art style, persona vas, comic book pages, whats not to love about this ending. Silent hill memories unofficial fan site not affiliated with konami. Rather than a straight up survival horror, the game is a topdown action rpg with heavy horror elements. The first, i refer to as the encounter ending, and the other is the videotape ending.

Portrayed by guy cihi in the original version 32 and by troy baker in the games 2011 remastering. James sunderland is the protagonist of silent hill 2. Silent hill community view topic joke ending board index silent hill. However, while the original was about defeating monsters and solving puzzles, this game is based on differing story paths based on the players choices and. A departure for the series, with a focus on cooperative multiplayer action rather than traditional psychological horror. Log in or sign up to leave a comment log in sign up. Shattered memories ends with cheryl mason believing that her father was abducted by aliens, to which dr. Players can work together as they explore several different otherworlds, solving puzzles and defeating creatures to advance through the nightmares and uncover the truth behind the book of memories.

Silent hill book of memories information versions credits guide characters walkthrough puzzles endings character profile abilities rooms traps weapons artifacts items accessories notes bestiary extras trophies media screenshots concept art videos. Silent hill modding 280 topics 1908 posts silent hill 1 ai upscaled. Book of memories is to guide the player character from. Silent hill book of memories information versions credits guide characters walkthrough puzzles endings character profile. The first section is set in a psychotherapists office and the second in a town called silent hill. Book of memories ps vita walkthrough part 37 blood ending by handheld players. Book of memories is a vita exclusive spinoff that has no canonical connection to the rest of the series and abandons its survival psychologicalhorror roots in favor of a somewhat humorous action rpg title the likes of diablo, torchlight, or path of exile. The ending you get depends on the ratio of the final notes bloodlight you have before entering the final battle and thus how you get 5 normal endings of the game.

The room, and the only joke ending in downpour is a surprise party for the player featuring characters from previous installments of the franchise. Shattered memories divides its gameplay between two different settings. Book of memories is the first game to enable multiplayer abilities. Script for the allimportant joke ending is complete. She also appears a playable character in silent hill. The new alignment system is heavily rooted in the players play style. Silent hill is a survival horror video game for the playstation published by konami and. And thats because silent hill 2 is more of an experience than a game jocky 2001. I used to have this art book around when silent hill 2 came out. Main silent hill shattered memories information versions promos credits guides. The gallery also has a few pieces of environmental art that were used for the demo. Additionally james makes cameo appearances in the joke endings of silent hill 3, silent hill. Michael kaufmann, a therapist 4 who is a nonplayer character, from a firstperson perspective.

Book of memories from our experts, and see what our community says, too. I just recently picked up silent hill 4 and while investigating one of the pictures in harrys apartment he mentions that the superintendents son and daughter in law went missing after going there. There are six zones with six final notes prior to that. Most involve ufos 2 also has a ufo ending along with the dog ending although some are humorous send offs to the series downpour has a surprise party for murphy, and the casts of silent hill 2, 3 and downpour are all present with pyramid head cutting the cakepossibly a nod to downpour releasing on shs th anniversary year.

Silent hill book of memories pure blood ending youtube. Since mira only appears in joke endings, she is not considered to be a canon character. Kaufmann states it made more sense when she was talking about cults and demons. The book was paper back and the cover, from what i remembered had the typical silent hill decay look to it and i think a raven or something. Revelation is a 2012 psychological horror film, directed and written by m. Book of memories is a welcome addition to the game.

Book of memories is a spinoff title of the popular survivalhorror franchise silent hill. The way the characters are drawn is familiar but i cant place it. Shattered memories for nintendo wii, playstation 2 and playstation portable. Artist takayoshi sato corrected inconsistencies in the plot, and designed the. Does anyone know who the artists were for the joke endings in. Silent hill book of memories neutral ending youtube. You are harry mason, trapped in the town of silent hill looking for your daughter cheryl. The tragic story of a clone who tried to be darth vaders friend legends duration. December 2011, during which the story scripts and the art for the joke ending. The games joke ending came out of a suggestion box created to find. Book of memories is a welcome addition to the game library of the ps vita and actually a good one. Book of memories, a playstation vita game that inspires curiosity, to say the least. It was an amazing paper back with tons of concept drawings and what not. The game was released in japan in june 2004 and in north america and europe in september of the same year.

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