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Barkha dutt media private limited is a private incorporated on 20 april 2015. Explore smriti kiran profile at times of india for photos, videos and latest news of smriti kiran. Barkha dutt silences a foreign reporter who said india is so unsafe for women. Get youtube premium get youtube tv best of youtube music sports. Barkha dutt is an awardwinning tv journalist and anchor with more than two decades of reporting experience. I am living example of pm modis tolerance, smriti irani tells ndtv. I am just a nationalist indian, a major chunk of the indian civil society which has remained a silent majority for far too long but not anymore. As a strong woman who could have been a trailblazer for equality, you, sadly, more than let down the side.

Union human resource development minister smriti irani in a special. Watch smriti irani s first interview after beating rahul gandhi in amethi. Latest barkha bisht news, photos, blogposts, videos and wallpapers. Bhavya reddy, the sister of the veterinary doctor who was brutally gangraped and burnt to death last week, sent a recorded message to the mumbai edition of we the women, an annual event curated by barkha dutt. Watch how smriti irani exposes presstitute journo barkha dutt. Barkha duttsmriti irani in a twitter battle over jnu. Bahar dutt is the daughter of sp dutt and prabha dutt, who was among indias first female journalists and influenced bahars career path. On prime minister modis style of leadership, smriti irani said that he seeks feedback, and has no problems with disagreement and criticism. Smriti irani deadly combination of arrogance, ignorance youtube.

Thank you editor sitush nick for removing this inaccuracy. Kind courtesy we the women curated by barkha dutton sunday, december 1, an incredible act of bravery took place in mumbai. Barkha is well known for her reporting of the kargil conflict. An awesome reply by a nationalist to barkha dutts open. Tracy chrisman from england, if you can identify yourself, there is a question from tracy. Wikipedia s credibility in india is anyways at an all time low considering that. Articles by barkha dutt the washington post journalist.

Otherwise barkha dutt would continue her rants against wikipedia abusing not just redacted but entire wikipedia organisation. While barkha dutt has finally quit ndtv after 21 years and is yet to indicate her future plans, arnab goswami will be doubling up as media entrepreneur with investments in his soon to be launched. Get the latest news, reportage, analysis and commentary on all that matters in india and beyond. Jun 28, 2017 these fake liberals of our media world and their disingenuous anger is like the secularism of the congress bent and abandoned when needed, clutched on to when convenient i am so done with these frauds and their fulminations, says barkha. Whether it it is out of personal pique or driven by high standards of journalism is a mystery.

Hrd minister smriti irani was at her fiery best in an interview with barkha dutt of ndtv, where she alleged media bias and selective outrage against online. From barkha to our bai how we have forgotten to treat others with kindness. Smriti irani s campaign manager was shot dead last night. Kanhaiya kumar to ndtv on taking on smriti irani and. She has reached amethi to pay her last respects to the aide. Malik, please tell the nation what barkha did at kargil. Video of media kit for brand association with web series on anuj basant communications s. I am just a nationalist indian, a major chunk of the indian. Barkha dutt was anchoring debate on smriti iranis speech in. Unlike gandhis, bjp doesnt expect bonds of servitude. Malik, please tell the nation what barkha did at kargil jay bhattacharjee. Barkha duttsmriti irani in a twitter battle over jnu my. Barkha dutt criticizes hindus during discussion on muslims.

Indias dna has always been about hardworking people, respecting women, development. Couple of years back she was crying when indian court gave death sentence to a terrorist for attacking on in. The story is about the government interfering with my right to work. A volatile topic sparked in the country when human resource development minister and a senior. Barkha dutts interview for ndtv continued the 14th dalai. Unique analysis and insights from the wall street journal and dow jones newswires on the daily news in the world. Emotional smriti irani promises justice to murdered aides family in amethi.

Jul 29, 2016 barkha butt is an indian television journalist, columnist and news reporter. Smriti irani accuses media of being biased against online. Barkha dutt is an indian television journalist, author and owner of youtube news channel mojo. Barkha dutt the latest news about barkha dutt from the wsj india real time blog. Smriti irani calls media coverage of sridevi death. Barkha dutt silences a foreign reporter who said india is so. After historic win in amethi, smriti iranis aide murdered. Barkha dutt smriti irani in a twitter battle over jnu. Dutt and prabha dutt, who was well known for hindustan times. Barkha duttsmriti irani in a twitter battle over jnu my india. Youtube screenshot of smriti irani, casual sexism and barkha dutt s open letter. We are very proud of him for his service to the nation, rukmani told toi.

Jun 28, 2017 barkhas post in facebook is truly revealing. Barkha dutt interviewing narendra modi during the 1996. Senior journalist barkha dutt in a series of tweets on thursday alleged that a section of the ruling party is intimidating her. I am a living example of pm modis tolerance he forgave me though i publicly attacked him, human resource minister smriti irani told ndtvs barkha dutt. Smriti irani barkha dutt open letter to smriti irani. Smriti irani tears apart barkha dutts biased journalism on her own show.

Bahar dutt is the sister of wellknown journalist barkha dutt. Youtube channel uc1erpnkjoh8brjj3lqhix8q emicalculator. Barkha dutt fired from ndtv over celebrity row the male factor. Open letter to smriti irani from barkha dutt by barkha dutt. Barkha dutt media private limited company, directors and. This item contains a subset of videos from youtube channel uc1erpnkjoh8brjj3lqhix8q emicalculator. Reportage ndtv punished me for speaking against censorship of my story and was hostile, so parted ways, says barkha dutt sreenivasan jain on tuesday alleged that a report by himon loans given to. Dutt was part of ndtvs team for 21 years, until she left the channel in january 2017. This is the first book by barkha dutt, indias best known journalist. Jun 28, 2016 kashmir life was launched in 2009 as a weekly with an avowed objective to create a worldclass news product for kashmir and about kashmir. Smriti irani deadly combination of arrogance, ignorance. Latest news, top news, photos, videos by barkha dutt. I am unable to come to terms with the news of shivlekh singhs death.

Union human resource development minister smriti irani in a special interview to ndtv talks about the modi governments two years in power and her experience in amethi. It is classified as nongovt company and is registered at registrar of companies, delhi. Aug 24, 2016 in 1996, journalist barkha dutt was a young reporter with the ndtv, and prime minister narendra modi was the allindia general secretary of the bjp. Kanhaiya kumar to ndtv on taking on smriti irani and pm modi. Nov 26, 2015 smriti irani interview with barkha dutt on 26 11 2015. I have constantly seen these kinds of messages about barkha dutt, and other. Barkha dutt rips apart arnab goswami in an fb post i am ashamed to be from same industry as him.

The very legal system she was trying vehemently to screw up in association with another pimp going by the name niira radia. This page is dedicated to all those who support the thoughts of barkha, the most respected and totally unbiased reporter in india. Explore barkha dutt profile at times of india for photos, videos and latest news of barkha dutt. May 02, 2015 barkha dutt fired from ndtv over celebrity row in a shocking turn of events, barkha dutt was fired from ndtv over one of her comments on twitter to deepika bhardwaj. One such journalist is barkha dutt who is famous for finding some problem with anyone good done by modi government and ranting about it on twitter. In 1995, barkha dutt joined ndtv straight out of college, and now, after 21 wonderful years together, barkha has requested that she would like to explore some new opportunities, pursue other. But this one facebook post of hers has decidedly reversed perceptions about her and put her on a high. Apr 28, 2015 barkha has a problem with how india is viewed. Barkha in her tweet revealed the fact that she and her channel call participants in their show for publicity. Of smriti irani, casual sexism and barkha dutts open. One of the most remarkable books ever published about contemporary india, arguably the most complex society on earth, this unquiet land tells the truth about the countrys secrets and lies, its torments and triumphs and its heroes and villains. Jan 16, 2017 barkha dutt quits ndtv what are her future plans. The opposition learns from modis playbook by barkha dutt the elections in 2019 may be different from the one in 2014, in one fundamental way a suddenly re. Viral in india everyone now knows the amount of bias indian secular journalists have against modi government and its ministers.

For the past two days, this mysterious post by barkha dutt is a hot topic among the. Tina brown interviews smirti irani, a member of prime minister modis inner circle and the youngest woman ever to be nominated to the rajya. Smriti iranis bombshell on top scientist anil kakodkar in an interview to ndtv has created a storm. Barkha emerged as a prominent figure after her frontline war reporting on the kargil conflict between india and pakistan in 1999. Soniakedarbaari barkha dutt gets what she deserves from smriti ji. Ndtv punished me for speaking against censorship of my story. My question was regarding the selection process of future dalai lamas, do you think that the traditional process will still continue given that what is happening in china about the panchin lama. Barkha dutt criticises hindus during discussion on muslims, gets shut up indian journalist barkha dutt at a panel discussion on muslim women in islam in new york. Dear barkha i am an independent, private citizen of india, miles away from any political affiliations or patronage. Given the changes in the news market in which the larger events becomes crunchy bites on tv or snippets to suit a readerinhurry, we practice an exhaustive, indepth and narrative form of journalism on issues concerning various facets of life in kashmir. From barkha to our bai how we have forgotten to treat. Bahar is the only indian environmental journalist to have won green oscar for her reporting on environment issues in india. Recently she was crying day and night when indian army killed a terrorist in encounter in kashmir.

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